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Its not perfect, and I don't like its "goals" feature for tracking expenses.

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Cool lets all discuss all these sick budget tips, how Cosmopolitan has a section for dumb bimbo's, like wow 20% for safety buffer? The tipping point where that starts to happen is effectively the dividing point between the haves and have nots, the wage slaves and the silver spoon set.

Thank god that we have these books now they will fix all my issues man! Once there is a critical mass of wealth however the money itself is what then makes more money with less risk required.

Actually, I would love to stop being so anal with Gnu Cash, and just enjoy my money a bit more – so the whole division of my income into these accounts is something I like.

I could just get paid, siphon off a percentage (35%) of everyday cash to my account linked to my debit card (and hence my wallet), send a bit (15%) to my UBank high interest saving account, and leave the rest (50%) in an account which gets regularly debited by gas, electricity, rent purposes. I take all my estimated expenses and list them as weekly, fortnighly, monthly, quarterly, half, annual. I then add up each column of expenses and bring them back to a weekly rate. $1000 of quarterly expenses would be ~$77 per week.

So I get reminders before each are due, and I can project how much I'm going to need for the next 3 months. Spending account i get my salary paid into so no fees for it as more than the minimum for fee free.

Maybe a bit off topic but I have the following question: What kinds of fees do you incur for having 4 or 5 separate accounts? Also, what process did you use in setting up these ratios? You just branch some internet savings accounts off your main one. Joint account is fee free as our combined deposits are also above the minimun for fee free.

I find this handy for refining my %'s going forward and also for seeing where i have blowouts and where i spend my hard earned savings.

(When they eventually get spent) note: I may be a little OTT as I am a chartered accountant, HOWEVER, the basic principle of splitting your income is the same as the OP's book and in my (professional) opinion is a great start to a healthy financial future.

Yes, it might be extreme, but I now see where everything goes :) I have 4 accounts and distribute on payday as follows 20% goes into shared account with spouse to pay rent, food, elec, gas, insurance, internet, phone etc 18.5% goes into personal expenses account for car costs, phone, health insurance, travel to work, rego etc 30% goes into savings account that I invest in a mix of shares, term deposits and high interest savings accounts 31.5% (remainder) I spend on lunch at work, going out, toys, hobbies and generally whatever I want.

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