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Earth limited our view of Heaven, it is true, but between the roofs of houses, squalid, dark, disreputable (as from their situation they must have been no doubt) the answering eyes of angels smiled down into our childish hearts out of the starry sky.

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We left our cottage full of interest in the voyage of discovery we were about to attempt into the darkness; but interest soon deepened into awe.

At first Max clamorously pointed out the lights amongst the shipping in the harbor, but long before our drive had ended we sat hushed. arm of Max: we gazed with silent terror at the vague uncertain lights and shadows of the earth, then lifted our eyes up to the open firmament.

We loved our nurse so dearly, we OUR COUSIN VEi RONICA.

13 confided in her so unreservedly, that her influence counteracted anything that might have sullied our minds, or made our manners coarse in association with other servants or farm people.

So Max and I, left alone in the coach-yard, were probably less afraid than many other children would have been. The inn had been a princely mansion in Queen Anne's days, when neighboring gentry had town houses in the county-town, and their daughters looked forward to the Assize Ball or the Races.

The inn-yard, paved roughly with small stones, but now disfigured with wooden wings added to the stone stables, and useful but irregular out-buildings erected for purposes connected with the service of the inn, had been the former pleasaunce and court-yard.

The rumbling noise and change of light burst the bubble of our reverie. "No sir; but the morning papers is come down by the Shannon. " "No," replied our father, "not yet, I am obliged to you. I shall be back before the mail arrives." WVe had the kindest father, and children are better, perhaps,. Still what would our mother in her grave have said to see us left alone by night sitting in the pony-chaise, in that strange court-yard?

m We found ourselves in the coach-yard of an old, strange, rambling hostelry. Hold the pony as they sit here, and see that they are safe till I return. We had a kindly, hearty nurse, a woman of warm feelings and considerable powers of thought, who gave us homely, hearty, unintellectual sympathy.

OR, BY MARY ELIZABETH WORMELEY, AUTHOR OF " AMABEL; A FAMILY HISTORY." "No, thou art not my first love I had loved before we met, Atd the music of that summer dreamn Is pleasant to me yet. ENTERED according to Act of Congress, in the year 1855, by BUNCE & BROTHER, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Sonthlern District of Nes York. I had never been abroad after the dusk of the long English twilight had deepened into darkness; after the lamps were lighted in the shops and streets, and Uriel had set his watch of starry sentinels along the darkening sky.

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