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Even though 52 Hoover's remined Crips, they still wear the orange with the blue. Wall banging = half a point for each street you bang on.2 points for each of your members that you locc in.3 - getting money2 points after paying dues2 an a half to 3 points for paying double or more.4 bringing weapons to the set4 points every six weapons at one time to the set1 point a soldier.6 Point = murdering a enemy.6 points - a member needs 6 points rank of the points = dedication determanation dicipline6 points = life love loyalty understanding wisdom knowledge lo C Listen le EAR LIFE. 6 poppin 5 droppin uptown downtown blu falgs all around chitty chitty bang bang nthin but a crip hang fucc peace wont sleep till ll slobks are deceased.whats under your left foot? 3cz,a book of knowledge,2 dueces,and a blue devilwhats behind the bush? sheeba did into 24 peiceskill a slobk win a prize killa a crip your whole family dieslet it rain let it flood let a crip killa a bkloodlet it rain let it thunder put a slobk 6 feet underslobks die locs flykill his wife kill his mother let dat sobk see his colorashes to ashes dust to dust in crip we trust in slobk we bustslobs die many times before their death crips dont die we multiplymirror mirror on the wall kill all slobks before i fall blow him up with no pitty send his @$$ to dead slobk city with 6 holes in his chest and tell king david i did my best3 m/C/l/d1. IM A GANGSTA NOW TURNING BACC BACC KISS MY FLAG CUZ I LOVE MY RAG GAURD MY CZ TILL I BLEED IF I DIE PLEASE DONT CRY TAKE MY FLAG AND USE IT TO RIDE NEVA SET TRIP AWAY C-RIP LOVE MY LOCZ TILL I DIE STACC DEM CZ HIGH.

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The Crips street gang alliance has significantly branched out of California and spread throughout the majority of the United States.

A 15 year old Fremont High School student named Raymond Washington started a gang called the Baby Avenues in 1969 in an attempt to be like the older gangs and copy the political activities carried out by other organizations such as the Black Panthers. a Los Angeles newspaper in a artical about young Cribs with canes, as if they were crippled.

This is because many independent gangs outside of California and across the United States also decided to unite under the Crip Alliance.

Many Crip sets have names which include the name of their City, a street that runs through their turf, or the name of the projects or community they live in.

The Crips representing the 6 point star started in the midwest after the 8 ball alliance that occurred in Kansas City, Missouri in 1993 during a gang peace summit.

It started because the local crip sets and Gangster Disciple decks were getting savagely attacked by the local Blood sets and Black P Stones.

The Crips began to increase violence and take over new turf.

Some of the other original founding fathers of the crips were Anglo Barefoot Pookie White, Melvin Hardy, Bennie Simpson, Greg Batman Davis, Jimel The God father Barnes, Raymond Cook, Ecky, Michael Christianson, Michael Shaft Concepcion, Mack Thomas and No 1. Some people believe the origin of the color is from the school colors of Washington High School in South L. Other believe they started wearing blue because of "Buddha", who always wore blue shirts, khakis, shoes, and a blue bandana from his left pocket, which is why Crips flag out the left side. cause crips go 2 heaven cause our blue is tru and slobks go to heall cause their red is deadwhy do you wear your flag to the left? the blue devil on my shoulderswhats in your closet?

When Buddha died, Tookie made blue the Crip color in honor of his death. so it can be close to your heartwhy are the clouds white? a blue boogie manwhat do you do when u reach davids castle?

The Grape Street Crips, on the other hand, have been known to wear purple in addition to blue. holla hoover and he will comewhat do you do when he comes?

The gang named itself the Avenue Cribs eventually and took on the nickname Cribs because most members were very young back then. A lot of people believe the name came to existance because of a spelling error.

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