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Dodd, of Trinidad, Colorado, was employed as an aviation manager and Huey pilot at Boyert Shooting Center, which has locations in Katy and Houston, Texas.

The pilot, who described himself as being separated on Facebook, was a former corporal in the US Marines and had years of experience flying helicopters both in the military and as a civilian.

Conlon, who served alongside Dodd in the 4th Aviation at Fort Carson, Colorado, said: 'I'll miss my best friend that I've known for 31 years.

Freedman, Boyd, Daniels, Hollander, Guttman & Goldberg, P.

After leaving the forces, he flew for the California Highway Patrol and both the California and Texas Army National Guards.

He also worked for several private companies before taking the job at Boyert Shooting Center.

Defendant raises the following issues on appeal: (1) that his felony murder conviction was unconstitutional because the State did not prove all essential elements of the crime; (2) that his convictions for intentional child abuse resulting in death and criminal sexual contact were unconstitutional because the convictions were not supported by sufficient evidence; (3) that the State's failure to disclose the existence of recorded interviews of two critical prosecution witnesses, until after the defense had cross-examined them, denied Defendant his right to prepare a defense, to confront and cross-examine witnesses and to a fair trial; (4) that the admission of the hearsay testimony of a deceased witness violated Defendant's right to confrontation because the testimony contained no particularized guarantees of trustworthiness, and the testimony was more prejudicial than probative; (5) that two autopsy photographs should not have been admitted because they were irrelevant and because their prejudicial effect substantially outweighed their probative value; (6) that the admission of his guilty plea to possession of stolen property was improper because its prejudicial effect substantially outweighed any probative value of the evidence; (7) that the prosecutor improperly used the prior guilty plea to argue Defendant's guilt in closing argument; (8) that his sentence violated his protection against double jeopardy; and (9) that the above constitute cumulative error that denied Defendant due process and a fair trial.

We affirm the trial court on all issues except the sentencing of Defendant for both felony murder and intentional child abuse resulting in death; therefore, we need not address the issue of whether cumulative error deprived Defendant of a fair trial.

Christina was killed by an intentional blow to her skull, and was apparently the victim of a sexual assault.

A jury found Defendant Christopher Mora responsible for Christina's death, and convicted him based on the following facts presented at trial.

It's not clear why he was flying over Colorado on Wednesday at the time of the crash'He did manage to get a radio call off before going in,' Conlon said, adding that three were killed instantly in the crash, while another two - including Dodd - died en-route to a hospital in Albuquerque.

The sole survivor is said to have suffered serious injuries in the crash. Elizabeth Armijo of the New Mexico State Police says six people were aboard the helicopter Wednesday evening when it went down in a mountainous area, about 15 miles east of the small city of Raton, near the Colorado state line.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash, and agency spokesman Eric Weiss an NTSB investigator was expected to arrive at the crash site late Thursday.

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