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As fashion-conscious as she is by Parliament Hill standards - with a penchant for Armani, Gucci and Chanel - she's clearly uneasy with the glamour-girl talk. "She doesn't need a lot of help when it comes to her look and the image she wants to portray." Stronach winces when Harper's leadership victory speech is mentioned. Hopefully I can add value to the debate we have in the House of Commons." If she feels the need to play down anything, it's her personal wealth - in 2003, she drew a reported .4-million salary at Magna - which she concedes is not something the average Canadian voter can relate to.

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In January, Stronach confirmed to great fanfare that she was dating Peter Mac Kay - the boyish, chisel-jawed MP for Central Nova who also serves as deputy leader.

They've quickly become the party's "it" couple, generating gossip and intrigue wherever they go.

The fact that, even with the manufactured hoopla, Harper couldn't generate the kind of adulation heaped upon Stronach is a recurring theme - and a source of endless frustration among devoted Harperites.

She's got a lot of style, they say, but where's the substance?

Others simply want to gush over the good job she's doing, compliment her on her ensemble, or remind her of the time they met.

Smiling or nodding attentively, Stronach is patient and gracious. She inches her way toward the registration desk at the far end of the foyer, flanked by attractive young aides who are poised to step in should any of her admirers become too demonstrative. "It's a great honour to be acknowledged for the good work you're doing for the party," she says after a moment's consideration. I wouldn't have gotten into politics if I didn't care about people and this country."She wants to learn and she's learning very quickly," says Liberal MP Bernard Patry, who chairs the standing committee on foreign affairs and international trade, of which Stronach is a member. In person, she is down-to-earth, even a little shy. But she decided against any help during the campaign.She's attractive, but not intimidatingly so - more in a stylish-soccer-mom-next-door kind of way. "Belinda Stronach knows what she wants," says Brownlee."With something like that, I think you just do what is asked of you," said one Conservative MP who preferred not to be named. Everybody would like to be front and centre all the time, but the reality is we have one leader, and everybody has to support that leader and be acting as a team." Still, there has been a great show of public support - externally and from within the party - for her work in Parliament and for her value-added major league business experience.Many believed that after her leadership loss to Harper in March 2004, she would flee back to Magna, the multi-billion dollar auto parts empire founded by her father, the formidable Frank Stronach.STRONACH IS a creature the likes of which Ottawa has rarely seen, like something out of a Jackie Collins novel. She has a pro-business agenda, socially progressive ideas, and the backing of some of the biggest names in Canadian business and politics.

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