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Aston Oaks - , North Bend, The Aston Oaks is an 18 hole public golf course in Hamilton County Ohio. Tee times are accepted by calling the pro shop at 518-467-0070.

Address: 1 Aston Oaks Dr, North Bend, OH 45052 Belterra Casino - , Belterra, Belterra Casino Resort & Spa is a riverboat casino operated by Pinnacle Entertainment.

It is located on Beaver Road and between the communities of Beaverlick and Rabbit Hash.

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The mammoths and other creatures are believed to have been drawn to this location by a salt lick.

It bills itself as "the birthplace of American paleontology" a term which dates from the 1807 expedition by William Clark and his brother General George Rogers Clark.

Tee times are accepted by calling the pro shop at 812-273-3137.

The golf course dress code is as follows: No tank tops or cutoffs.

Address: 4040 N Old State Rd 62, Madison, IN 47250 Creation Museum - Petersburg, The Creation Museum is a museum that presents an account of the origins of the universe, life, mankind, and man's early history according to a literal reading of the Book of Genesis.

This museum has been heavily criticized by the scientific and academic communities as promoting "fallacy over fact" and attempting to advance the tenets of a particular religion while rejecting scientific knowledge.The golf course dress code is as follows: Collared shirt, no cutoffs, denim OK.Address: 777 Belterra Dr, Belterra (Vevay), IN 47020 Big Bone Lick State Park - , Big Bone, Big Bone Lick State Park is a museum that can be found at Big Bone in Boone County, Kentucky.It is located in Switzerland County, Indiana, roughly halfway between the large cities of Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.Due to state law gambling operations are on a riverboat which is docked on the Ohio River.There are several family restaurants in or near Versailles, including Hong Dragon, Rolling Pin Catering, Dairy Queen, Subway and Mc Donalds.

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