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Sue grabbed my hand and pulled me into the casino which temporarily put my academic concerns and financial woes out of my mind.

While walking through the main casino floor, I was immediately mesmerized by the myriad of flashing lights and sounds of the slot machines.

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In the clubs that I frequented, the dancing was more of a bump and grind, pre-mating ritual, but this was formal and elegant, and he danced magnificently.

I told him that my name was Melanie and I was a sophomore at UNLV working towards my accounting degree.

I was suddenly snapped out of my daze by a short, chubby, balding man who seemed to almost miraculously appear in front of me. I tried to move my lips to form some sort of retort, but no words came out.

“I’m not Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bed rock! He broke my stunned silence by saying, “Do you work for UPS?

I was shocked to see a full orchestra playing a catchy tune from the… If nothing else, it was going to be different than the dance clubs on the strip that I usually frequented. Walking to the bar, I admired the extravagantly decorated room and I couldn't help but think that someone really went all out.

Crystal chandeliers, crown molding, enormous flower arrangements on every table, beautiful silver flatware, and opulent white linen tablecloths.

He led me to the dance floor and almost effortlessly, I found myself securely in his arms.

For the first time in my life I was happy that my parents had forced me to take ballroom dance lessons during my junior year of high school, a month before my oldest brother’s wedding.

The air smelled fresh and clean, an anomaly for the strip I thought.

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