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We hear that General WOLFE was a "Man of Kent" being born at Westram, and Baptised there 11th of January, 1727. [See also Births section of the newspaper extracts.] And found in the Whitehall Evening Post: To the PRINTER, etc. For the last ten years of her life she supported herself by her pen and needlework and kept a day school; but ill health, owing to exquisite sensibility and extreme poverty, lately, reduced her to the greatest distress." [The Gentleman Magazine 1789]Saturday afternoon last, Mr. TOMLIN, of Keeks, in the parish of Birchington, in the Isle of Thanet, crossing the Stour, at Monkton, in a boat by himself, unfortunately overset, and he was drowned. On Friday last, as the hounds of - GORDON, Esq., were hunting in Whitby Shrubs, near Seven Oaks, in Kent, a hound was perceived to have a head in his mouth, which on examination proved to be an human head, and on searching the wood, the remaining part of the body was found, with the flesh all eaten from the bones, and supposed to have been there since October last, when a boy was lost from the work-house at Beresford, and who was then advertised, but has not since been heard of. At Shawfield Lodge, near Bromley, Kent, whilst on a visit to John HARRISON, Esq., Joseph STANLEY, Esq., of Austin Friars, and of the house of Gordons and Stanley, Lime-street. At the village of Leeds in Kent, a few days ago, Mr. He was a passenger in the ship Oaks, bound for the above island, which vessel was unfortunately wrecked off Margate, on the night of the 8th inst. In 1834 one of these models, propelled by a screw revolving beneath the water at the stern of the vessel and set in motion by a spring, was found to answer so well that Mr.SIR, Observing in your paper of the 27th of this Instant an Article from York, asserting the late GENERAL WOLFE to be a Native of that City, and being unwilling to sink our Claim to the Birth of so complete a Soldier, we transmit you a Copy of our Parish Register. SCOTT, relict of........[left blank] SCOTT, Esq., of Scott's-Hall in Kent, (whose death we mentioned in ours of Monday) has left two sons, viz. CLARE, Rector of Dymchurch, and Vicar of Lympne, in Kent: The former is in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and the latter in that of the Archdeacon of Canterbury. The deceased was a respectable farmer and has left a wife and 12 children. Richard SACKETT, a person possessed of great property, the bulk of which descends to Mrs. A few mornings since was found dead in his bed, at Maidstone Gaol, Austin FLOWERS, who was capitally convicted at the last Assizes for the County of Kent; he was a young man of abilities, and it was expected he would have received his Majesty's free pardon. Last Tuesday morning an elderly man, named LEE, by profession a gardener, who, according to annual custom, had come out of Kent to see some of his relations at Groombridge, in this County, was found dead in his bed at the Crown Inn, at that place; and where his body had lain undiscovered since the preceding Sunday night, when he retired to rest apparently in good health. The persons who were on the 11th instant drowned in passing from Gravesend to Southend, were, the Rev. PRITCHARD, Curate of Prittlewell, in Essex; Lieutenant T. James BARHAM, aged 92 years, a gardener to the late Lord FAIRFAX of Leeds Castle, and an eminent changes ringer and peal conductor, who has assisted to ring 115 peals, each being composed of more than 5,000 changes. SMITH deemed the screw to be superior to paddles, which hitherto had been exclusively employed for the propulsion of vessels. Mary HONYWOOD, Mother of Robert HONYWOOD, of Markes-Hall in Essex, Esq.; died lately there, aged 93. His remains were interred in the evening with every mark of respect. After that I broke into a farm-house, and took from thence divers articles.

We hear that his Majesty hath been pleas'd to concerr [sic] the former on the Learned Dr. Being a Daughter and Co-heir to Robert WATERS, of Lenham in Kent, Esq.; where she was born, she desir'd to be bury'd at the Place of her Birth, as she was; but her Monument is set up in Markes-Hall Church in Essex. BRICE of Canterbury happened some Time since, tho' the other died but on Thursday last; before which, his Brother, the Deceased, forgave him, being the Aggressor: He is not committed, but, as we hear, bailed. He was also one of the Gentlemen of his Majesty's Chapel, Sub-Dean of St. On Wednesday Night died at Greenwich, of a Fever, after a tedious disposition, John FARLOW, Esq.; formerly an eminent Italian Merchant of this City, having left a plentiful Estate amongst several Relations. Samuel PALMER, an eminent Fellmonger at Deptford, as he was coming to London, his Horse threw him in Barnaby-street, Southwark, and fractur'd his Skull; he liv'd till the next Day, and then died. From that I went to Erith, where I remained two months, during which time I committed several small offences. On the 16th April last, at Neemuch Malwa, in the 32d year of his age, Lieut. It was the infant daughter of this Officer that was lost in the Juliana.

Edmund HALLEY; Savilian Professor of Geometry in Oxford; and that the Lord Chancellor has presented Rev. We hear from Dover, that the Widow FRANCK died there last Week, aged 103 Years 11 Months, and lived there all her Time. Last Tuesday died, at Canterbury, in the 84th Year of his Age, the Rev. On Wednesday last died at Eltham in Kent, in the 56th Year of his Age, Mr. On Sunday last was interred with decent Funeral Pomp, in the Parish Church of Upper Hardres, the usual Burial-place of the ancient Family of the Hardres's, the Corpse of Sir William HARDRES, Bart. After leaving Erith, I made up to London, and, on the highway, knocked a man down, and robbed him of his watch and six shillings and three pence. Captain OGILVIE, off Margate, on the 24th December, 1821. SMITH, Paymaster to the Royal Navy, was found dead in his bed, at his house, at Beckenham, in Kent.

They both lie in the same house for interment; and the son and daughter are dangerously ill from the shock they have felt on the unfortunate occasion. At St Leonard's, West Malling, Kent, Francis Hubble DOUCE, Esq., one of the Magistrates of that county. Sir Charles married, in 1844, Jane, eldest daughter of Edward Armitage, Esq., of Farnley Hall, Yorkshire, and leaves issue. - 8th, drowned off Margate, accidentally, Thomas George, aged 23, only son of Thomas BEAVER, of Brixton, formerly of Jermyn-street, S. His remains were interred in Margate Cemetery on the 17th. - 19th, at Essex Cottage, Fairlight Down, the residence of her son-in-law, Sarah, widow of John KNOTT, of Ramsgate, Kent aged 79. - 17th, at The Vale, Ramsgate, Maria, widow of Jno. On Wednesday, Charles RALPH, aged forty-six, a signal-man in the employ of the South-Eastern Railway Company, was found dead upon the Sand Street crossing of the North Kent line, at Woolwich. SUTHERLAND, it was stated, was born at Sheerness in April, 1789. JENINGS, George Thomas, South-house, Faversham, Kent, salesman, died Feb. Claims to Frederick Johnson, Faversham, Sol., by Sept. NETTLEINGHAM, Frederic Beckley, Town Flour Mills, West-st., and Seckley, Overcliffe, Gravesend, miller, died May 3. BIDWELL - May 5, at Berristead, Lansdowne-road, Tunbridge Wells, Sarah Muriel BIDWELL, third daughter of the late Charles BIDWELL, Esq., of Ely, Cambs., aged seventy-two. His senior officer speaks of him as a "...personal loss. He served in the South African War with Lord Compton's Horse and was invalided home with enteric fever. He joined the Observatory in 1841, and was attached to the Astronomical Department until 1874, having during the preceding 18 years been in charge of the chronometric and electric branch. After only three years practise, he put on a special performance for the Duke of Windsor.

At Milton, Kent, Captain DELANGE, late of the Ann sloop of war. DIED - On Sunday last, at Bromley, Kent, in the 74th year of his age, William WALMSLEY, Esq., nearly 20 years clerk of the papers of the House of Lords, after a protracted illness. At North Frith, near Tunbridge, Christopher IDLE, Esq., aged 48, late M. CLIST - On the 10th February, at Nelson-street, Auckland, Maude Mary, the beloved and only child of Henry and Martha CLIST, late of Margate, Kent, England, aged 1 year 3 months. ]The driver of the down goods train from London to Ramsgate, named BURLIN(G)SON, lost his life at Birchingford [probably meant to be Birchington] Station, on Thursday. About midnight it was found that there was no communication from the deceased's box, and an inspector was sent up the line to see what had occurred. On the 5th inst., at his father's residence, Sackett's Hill House, St. After he left the navy he entered Sheerness Dockyard, where he worked for many years, ultimately retiring upon a pension. We regret to record the death of Captain Nelson Pomeroy MASON, of the Indian Navy, who died last week at Deal, where he had resided during the last 20 years of his life. SHOCKING DEATH A young man named SETTERFIELD, while working in a flour mill lately erected at Ashford, Kent, became entangled in the machinery on Thurday, and was whirled rapidly round, substaining such injuries that he died almost immediately. Claims to Sharland, Hatten and Sharland, Gravesend, sols., by Aug. USHER, John, Noel-house, Newton-rd., Faversham, Kent, hay merchant, died Mar. CURRIE - May 11, Alexander CURRIE, of Leslie, Blackheath, in his 64th year. - On May 9, at Broadstairs, Kent, Richard IDIENS, aged 68. SHEATHER, the well-known builder and contractor, passed away at his residence at 7 o'clock this morning, after an illness extending over some four or five weeks. He would always undertake any mission that was required." Lieutenant Edward John INNOCENT, Royal West Kent Regiment, killed on July 3, aged 34, was the only son of the late Mr. At the beginning of the present war he enlisted in the 19th Hussars, and later obtained a commission in the Royal West Kent Regiment. Doris MORGAN, aged nine, died at the Margate Cottage Hospital yesterday. Her brother was Sydney (Sidney), but we cannot see a death for Sydney or Sidney MORGAN in Thanet around that time.]SHRUBSALL. EASTLAND was of a happy disposition and very active. Later he performed at fairs all over the country and once took part in a special show staged for children in the Royal Albert Hall.

On Friday last died at Margate in Kent, aged 73, the Rev. Last Saturday died at Rahally, in the County of Galway, aged 80 Years, Mr. He left one Son, Jonathan KEMP, of Fowlstone, aged 60 Years, to whom he bequeathed his Paternal Estate of 220 Pounds a Year, but left his Personal Estate of 600 Pounds and upwards, and the Reversion of the Real Estate, to Mr. John SIZE, of Cool, and in Failure of Issue Male in them, they are to have only their Use for Life of the said 600 Pounds and after their Decease the said Sum to be laid out in building an Hospital at Loughrea, for the Support of Strolling half Gentlemen; and the said 220 Pounds shall be for ever applied towards the Maintenance of such Persons as the major Part of his Trustees shall think proper to appoint. Sir Francis left three daughters, the two eldest of whom are married to two sons of the Right Hon. Monday last at BARMING, near Maidstone, John AMBERHURST, Esq., of Rochester. Of inflammation in the brain, caused by being put, in a frolick, into a corn-chest, the heavy lid of which fell on his head, aged 6 years, the youngest son of John Harvey, Esq., of Folkstone. On Sunday, at his home in Charles-Street, Berkeley-square, in the 59th year of his age, William HONYWOOD, Esq., of Marks Hall in Essex, and of Sibson in Kent. M., one of the six Preachers of Canterbury Cathedral, Vicar of Eastry and Worth, and late Vicar of St. At Strood, Kent, in consequence of mortification caused by cutting a corn on the foot until it bled, Mrs. The deceased was greatly respected in the neighbourhood where he had lived for a very long number of years, and also by the farmers he was in the habit of meeting throughout the county. On the 3rd June, at Chilham, Henrietta WHITE, the beloved and only daughter of Thomas WHITE, aged 54. Yesterday morning a visitor to Margate, named Charlotte Eliza WICKISON, a married woman, aged 36 of 6 Farm Place, Walham Green, Fulham, committed suicide by throwing herself from the Fort Green, Margate to the sands beneath, a distance of about 60 feet.

Tuesday last died at his Seat at Oxted, in the County of Surrey, in a very advanced Age, William HOSKINS, Esq.; one of Justices of the Peace for that County; he was possessed of a large Estate in the County of Kent. Monday the 17th died, after a Series of many months Pain, the Wife of one HIGHLAND, a Labourer, on Iden Green, in the Parish of Benenden, who had been with Child for Two Years and a Quarter; and on the 19th her Body was open'd by Mr. Unfortunately, no name is given for the said farmer in the Newspaper.]Sunday died, at his house in Albemarle-street, Sir Francis HEAD, Bart., of Hermitage in Kent. Tuesday, at Barming, near Maidstone, John AMHERST, Esq., of Rochester.[Editor's Note: Compare the difference, above, in the same notification placed in a different newspaper! Robert BROWN, in the 66th year of his age; he had been a faithful servant to the Right Hon. In her 14th year, Maria Frances, second daughter of Rev. He represented the County of Kent in Parliament from the year 1806 to 1812. The only cause mentioned as being at all likely to have led to his destroying himself, is the fact that he has been very much annoyed lately by a person living in the locality, who has used opprobrious epithets towards him when they have met in public; but it can hardly be supposed that this would have led him to commit such an act. S., aged 33, late of Pamplemousses, Mauritius, youngest son of the late James Hill MELLER, Esq., of Edenbridge, Kent, beloved and respected by all who knew him and deeply regretted by his sorrowing mother. On the 30th May, at Forest-hill (late of Ashdown Park, Sussex), Josiah RANGER, aged 57. On the 3rd June, at Milton-next-Gravesend, John HUMPAGE, Esq., M. She received some very extensive scalp wounds and a fracture of the skull.Not long since died near Oxford, in an advanced Age, the Rev. HARRISON, Rector of Luddenham, near Teynham, and Minister of Davington, and Oare, in Kent. But such is the instability of all human attainments, that by one false step, before she was sixteen, she so enraged her grandfather that he disinherited her of £3,000 a year. The feelings of the parent were so harrowed at the terrible spectacle of her burning and shrieking child, that she fell senseless on the floor; and, before any assistance could arrive, the clothes were nearly consumed, and the cheeks, bosom, neck, body, and limbs of the sufferer were burnt in a most miserable manner. By searching another site we have discovered that the first name of Mr. John BRAN, a respectable farmer of that place, aged 60. BISHOP, druggist, of the brain fever; a brother and sister of the deceased have died of the same disorder within the last 18 months. WHITAKER, William Stratton, 51 Woolwich-common, of H. WILDASH, Isaac, Ospringe, Kent, farmer who died Mar. Claims to James Tassell, Faversham, solicitor, by July 6. The event was not altogether unexpected, as the deceased gentleman had for some time been in failing health. He began life as a grazing farmer in Romney Marsh, whence he removed to Hendon, Middlesex.He is succeeded in the Rectory of Luddenham by the Rev. Wheeler TWYMAN, lately presented thereto by the Lord Chancellor. WOLFE, expressing the loss the nation has sustained by the death of her son, and at the same time expatiating on the importance and glory of the cause in which he so nobly fell. George LYNCH, vicar of Lymptre, in Kent, and four daughters, two of whom are married, one of them to Mr. Her second husband forsook her and left her in extreme poverty. The pain the poor child endured was so excessive, that nature sunk under it; and death terminated her sufferings about 28 hours after the accident. This gentleman retained the most perfect use of his faculties till the last, being able to see, read, write and hear, equal to most persons in the prime of life; and, what is still more remarkable, after having attained his 90th year, he killed 12 small birds out of 13, with single shots. Johnson has been found, and was interred at Margate on the 13th. Vincent, South America, who perished in the sea that night was buried at St. We regret to announce the death of Sir Francis Pettit SMITH, which occurred on the 12th. During his early manhood he constructed numerous models of small boats, for which he contrived various modes of propulsion.He has left Issue by his Lady Elizabeth, eldest Daughter of Alexander THOMAS of Lamberhurst, Esq.; in this County, one Son, now Sir William HARDRES, Bart. At Wateringbury, Kent, Katharina Isabella, wife of Mr. I went back to London with my booty, and spent it in East Smithfield, and then went to Yalding, in Kent, broke into a watchmaker's shop, and took from thence to the value of 100L. I went to London with my booty, and from London came back to Greenwich, where I broke open a cook's shop, near the Brown Bear, and took from thence to the value of 10L. About two months after I broke into a small chandler's shop, near the Park, at Greenwich, and took to the value of 1L. I also entered a watch-box, and took from thence on gun, one pistol, and the watchman's rattle. The deceased was drawn from his residence to the burial ground by three pair of oxen attached to a waggon, in compliance with a previous request. (Taken from the Kent Herald)Lately at Deal, in which town he twice filled the office of Mayor with much credit, Mr. He married in 1802, the only daughter of the late the 19th Year of his Age, and one Daughter, Elizabeth, about Twenty. I also broke into a dwelling-house near the Ship and Billet, at Greenwich, and took to the value of 5L. From that I went to Eltham in Kent, where I broke into a watchmaker's shop near the Church, and took from thence 7L. I also broke into an eating-house, and took the value of 1L. (Taken from the Kent Herald)At Trichinopoly, Captain R. CROFTS, Esq., of Dumpton house, near Broadstairs, Isle of Thanet.Mary STACEY, his first Wife, who was Daughter, as thereon inscribed, to the Rev. John WATSON, by Eleanor his Wife (Sister, by the Mother to the Right Hon. Admiral of the White, first Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, etc.) who died October 1, 1731 in the 20th Year of her Age. WILLIAMS, who formerly was Collector of the Excise, but having a plentiful Fortune left him by a near Relation, he resign'd his Employment. JENNER, a Collier at Cranbroke in Kent, was found in a Wood near Staplehurst in the same County, with his Head cut off, and other Parts of his Body terribly mangled; he had been missing about four Days from his Family. It is thought a love affair was the cause of this rash act. Canterbury, June 16th - On Sunday last the Master of a trading vessel, which laid off the Goodwin Sands, came on shore at Margate where he informed the inhabitants his men had mutinied, and begged their assistance; on which a Margate boat properly armed, went off and going on board the vessel found everything perfectly quiet; in the evening the Master went to the sign of the Ship and engaged for a lodging, but about two o'clock in the morning he drew down the sash and leaped out of the window, which was two pairs of stairs high, and near 30 feet from the ground; from thence he got as far as the Crown, where he was found dead, with eleven guineas and some silver in his pockets. At Chatham, John HAMMOND, Esq., surgeon of his Majesty's Dock-yard. EARL's at Bransett [Brenzett], and was returning home late in the Evening, had the Misfortune to slip from the Foot Bridge into a Ditch, and was drowned. YOUNG; he was the first person who erected clover mills. GROOM, Maltster, near Rochester in Kent, was returning from Canterbury, his horse fell with him near Room Lane, Chatham, whereby he received so terrible a contusion to the back of his head, as to occasion his death in a few hours. Andrew's in that city, and vicar of Herne, in Kent. Barrell, relict of Francis Barrell, Esq., of Otterdon [sic], in the county of Kent. About August 31, 1811 - Lately, Ralph Paine, Esq., formerly storekeeper of Deptford Dock-yard. Thirteen house-breakings, either highway robberies, four desertions, and a number of small offences that are not herein inserted, are the horrible crimes of the unfortunate William Morgan". She survived her eldest sister (the late Miss BAKER) only four days. MACE, of Wansunt Farm, Bexley, Kent, aged 78, one of the oldest sportsmen in the county. Baliol BEST, Esq., aged 29, youngest son of the late George BEST, Esq., of Chilston Park, Kent. In his 93d year, Alured PINCKE, Esq., of Sharsted, Kent. James PACK, a well-known agriculturist, at Tudely, Kent, committed suicide by shooting himself. On the 3rd June, at Folkestone, of consumption, the Rev. On the 3rd June, at her father's residence, Canterbury, Jane BASKERVILLE, of Edington, Herne, eldest daughter of William Mercurius BASKERVILLE. 2, Montpelier-square, Brompton, after a few days' illness, W.

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