Sociology and dating

Ludus love is where one view love as a game or something that must be conquered.This type of love is characterized by various partners, lack of commitment and dependence, promiscuity and lies where ones true feelings are usually not revealed to the other person.

The sociology of love was first developed in the 20th century by John Lee who stipulated that there are six styles incorporated in love.

These are Pragma, Mania, Agape, Eros, Storage, and Ludus…

Social movements are a type of group action that involves a large group of informal and loosely organised individuals or organisations who are brought together with the aim of achieving common interests.

The four stages include the rapport, self-revelation, mutual dependency and personality need fulfillment stages.

Normally people who experience this kind of love result in panic when separation occurs.

Finally, Agape is a kind of love that is usually selfless.

The paper tells that love is an expression through actions that eventually create an environment suitable for nurturing a partnership between couples.

These factors alone should be enough to prove that people should give more importance to the idea of love in marriages, and perhaps act according to this belief.

The relationship is based on mutual understanding, companionship, respect, sharing, and rapport.

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