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The "South Coast Express" title was used for a fast coastal service from Bournemouth to Margate, operated jointly with East Kent and Royal Blue.

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This is No.1806 (LCD 206), previously numbered 806, heading along Pevensey Road, Eastbourne, approaching the Southdown Coach Station in Cavendish Place after returning from a sunny day trip to Brighton in the summer of 1962.

Looking typically smart, it still retains its original attractive cream roof, which it was soon to lose. The second part of this batch had the Harrington Wayfarer coachwork, again seating a luxuriously spacious 26.

What follows is an attempt to create a brief history of the type, in the form of records and images designed to give even the casual reader some impression of the development and contemporary styling of this varied and interesting fleet of coaches.

My thanks to all those who have helped with valuable data - too many to name I'm afraid.

Photo with thanks to John Bristow, via Shane Conway.

Leyland Royal Tiger No.1649, the last of the batch, has just disembarked its passengers after a run up to Victoria Coach Station in London, in 1962. Built 1952-53 Chassis: Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15.

) when wearing the cream and leaf green livery in which they were delivered.

That livery was short-lived, but showed off the design to its greatest advantage, as demonstrated by No.1726 (one of four in preservation), seen here at the Maidstone & District and East Kent Bus Club's 60th anniversary event at the Kent County Showground, Detling in April 2012. Southdown had long held a reputation for quality coach services and, with the halfcab design considered somewhat old-fashioned by the early 1950s, and the remainder of their huge fleet of front-engined Leyland Tigers getting long in the tooth, it was natural that they would look closely at the new underfloor-engined coaches then coming on to the market.

For many people, the classic image of a post-war Southdown touring coach is that of their fleet of Harrington Cavaliers, which entered service in 1961, the very end of the period covered by this profile.

Undoubtedly one of the great style icons of post-war coachbuilding, the Southdown Cavaliers looked at their best (in my opinion!

In the decade from 1951, when they bought their first examples, and 1961, as the first of many stylish Harrington Cavaliers started to arrive, Southdown bought over 400 coaches, mostly Leylands but also some Commer two-strokes, and this is a profile of those acquisitions.

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