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If you are encountering problems with searching–unexpectedly slow searches, not finding things that should be indexed, or searches actually crashing–your best bet is to completely rebuild the search index.It will take a while to rebuild, but it’s usually worth it.For example, if you don’t regularly perform searches of files on your C: drive, there’s really no need to be indexing the whole thing.

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early development or in production) to those nearing completion (i.e. resident; projects submitted through open submissions must have a U. director or lead producer attached; a select number of non-U. projects are considered through IFP’s international partners only.) *Documentary Features (intended 52 minutes or longer) (work-in-progress features that are in production or post-production, but not yet complete, with sample material to submit) *Documentary Series – Long Form (episode length 22 minutes or longer) (limited or continuing series of two or more episodes; in development or production with sample material to submit preferred) *Documentary Series – Short Form (average episode length 15 minutes or less) (limited or continuing series of three or more episodes; in development or production with sample material to submit required) For more information, please read our Program Guidelines and FAQ. Around the world, IFP has partnerships with key support organizations and funding bodies that provide the most exciting international projects the opportunity to seek out the resources and connections the Project Forum can provide. Our 2018 Presenting Partners are: ACE Producers Berlinale Co-Production Market Champs-Élysées Film Festival Cine Mart – International Film Festival Rotterdam Co Pro – The Israel Documentary Screen Market Doha Film Institute* DOK.

in post-production or at a rough cut stage), this section includes emerging and established filmmakers working in non-fiction.

Windows Search makes searching for files on your PC a lot faster, but if you find that things slow down when Windows indexes files or that Search isn’t working as expected, there are a few steps you can take.

The best way to trim down the amount of processor time the indexing service uses is by trimming down the number of files being indexed.

Projects may only be submitted by US filmmakers*, or, if an international project made by by a non-US filmmaker, through one of IFP’s Presenting Partners.

All submissions through a Presenting Partner are by invitation only and must have been confirmed by that partner prior to submission or by direct invitation of IFP.

Accepted filmmakers take part in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with potential financing and distribution partners, speed dating meetings with festival programmers, invitations to private documentary events, and exclusive access to the IFP Screen Forward Conference.

Filmmakers in development, production or post-production seeking financing partners, broadcast/distribution, and festival invitations.

If you keep your personal files stored on another drive, note that those files are typically not indexed by default unless you’ve actually moved your personal document folders to that location. It will just take longer since it has to search through your files every time.

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