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Nowadays, many organisations have adopted CI without adopting all of XP.

In addition to automated unit tests, organisations using CI typically use a build server to implement continuous processes of applying quality control in general — small pieces of effort, applied frequently.

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When developers submit code to the repository they must first update their code to reflect the changes in the repository since they took their copy.

The more changes the repository contains, the more work developers must do before submitting their own changes.

Another factor is the need for a version control system that supports atomic commits, i.e.

all of a developer's changes may be seen as a single commit operation.

Later elaborations of the concept introduced build servers, which automatically ran the unit tests periodically or even after every commit and reported the results to the developers.

The use of build servers (not necessarily running unit tests) had already been practised by some teams outside the XP community.

This practice advocates the use of a revision control system for the project's source code.

All artifacts required to build the project should be placed in the repository.

There is no point in trying to build from only half of the changed files.

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