Steno four principles of relative dating

Sedimentary rocks that contain fragments of another rock are younger than the rocks that the fragments came from.

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Human Actions and Earth’s Waters 21.1 Humans and the Water Supply 21.2 Problems with Water Distribution 21.3 Water Pollution 21.4 Protecting the Water Supply 22.

Human Actions and the Atmosphere 22.1 Air Pollution 22.2 Effects of Air Pollution 22.3 Reducing Air Pollution 23.

The order of events in the archaeological cross section shows that the oldest remains are Roman.

After this the medieval remains are more recent and the industrial remains are more recent still.

Human Actions and the Land 19.1 Loss of Soils 19.2 Pollution of the Land 20.

Human Actions and Earth’s Resources 20.1 Use and Conservation of Resources 20.2 Energy Conservation 21.

Climate 17.1 Climate and Its Causes 17.2 World Climates 17.3 Climate Change 18.

Ecosystems and Human Populations 18.1 Ecosystems 18.2 Lesson Objectives 18.3 The Carbon Cycle and the Nitrogen Cycle 18.4 Human Populations 19.

Erosion and Deposition 10.1 Water Erosion and Deposition 10.2 Wave Erosion and Deposition 10.3 Wind Erosion and Deposition 10.4 Glacial Erosion and Deposition 10.5 Erosion and Deposition by Gravity 11.

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