Stratigraphy harris matrices relative dating of australian rock art

Harris matrices may be compiled in the field as the archaeologist is recording the stratigraphy in her field notes, or in the laboratory, working from notes, photos and maps.

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There is a terrific vimeo available which illustrates how to construct a matrix using a white board.

Trained in both palaeontology and archaeology, Scott Rufolo supports the museum's curatorial and research endeavours regarding past life, ranging from the distant ages of deep geologic time up to the more recent periods of the human record.

Following completion of his degree and a post-doctoral appointment in Germany, Scott volunteered as a fossil preparator with the museum until being hired part-time to prepare fossils and help manage the Nunavut archaeological collection that is housed at the museum.

In 2014, he happily joined the full-time ranks of the Palaeobiology Section as a Research Assistant.

All archaeological sites are palimpsests, that is to say, the end result of a series of events, including cultural events (a house was built, a storage pit was dug, a field was planted, the house was abandoned or torn down) and natural events (a flood or volcanic eruption covered the site, the house burned down, organic materials decayed).

When the archaeologist walks onto a site, evidence of all those events is there in some form.

What I mean by context (discussed in detail elsewhere) is that artifacts recovered from the site mean something different if they are found in the construction foundations of the house rather than in the burned basement.

If a potsherd was found within a foundation trench, it predates the use of the house; if it was found in the basement, perhaps only physically a few centimeters away from the foundation trench and maybe at the same level, it postdates the construction and may be in fact from after the house was abandoned.

Using a Harris matrix allows you to order the chronology of a site, and to tie a particular context to a particular event.

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