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International Journal of Health Services, 9, 461-498.

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Disappointingly, Warshaw (1989) noted that 92% of domestic violence victims presenting to an emergency department received no referral or follow-up information.

Kurz (1987) reported that no physician response to abuse was observed in 40% of identified domestic violence victims.

Recently, violence among intimates has received increased attention internationally. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 56, 843-850.

The medical need to identify victims is particularly well established.

Other relatives accounted for 38% (the remaining rapes were perpetrated by non-relatives and acquaintances).

Violence also seems to be widespread within dating relationships.

Thus, clinicians observing these injuries should be aware of the increased potential for past and future victimization. Violent intimacy: The family as a model for love relationships.

Thirty-three to 50% of women who are physically assaulted by their partners also suffer sexual assault at their hands (Frieze & Browne, 1989). (1992) found that only 22% of rapes were perpetrated by strangers, whereas husbands and boyfriends were responsible for 19%.

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