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She wasn’t just washing off the filth of the road but everything that had come before that. Foster had found her, given her a ride, fed her and now had given her a place to sleep.

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But with his busy schedule and driving back and forth he just didn’t seem to have the time for people. You just save up for that car,” Dave said as he watched goose bumps break out over Chloe’s tan thighs and tried not to stare. Foster,” Chloe said as she took another large bite out of her burger. His shaking hands reached over and caressed her bare shoulders, her skin was so soft and warm. Now, from his spot on the bed he could see and angel. Without her boots Chloe was maybe 5’3” with toned, tanned legs.

His wife left him the last time he refused a desk job some 3 years before and his son was off in California about to graduate from college and Dave was feeling more than a little lonely. ” The young beauty leaned forward, giving the older man a view down her shirt and her small, black bra encased tits. Dave let Chloe enjoy her burger and just started talking to fill the silence. He slid his hands down her arms and across to her soft tummy. “I was having this weird dream about my dad.” “Well… Her whole body was tan except the white, succulent flesh of her ass and hairless pussy.

Dave moaned as Chloe rinsed the soap from her hair and the suds slid down and off her petite body fully uncovering the bits and pieces of luscious flesh hidden by the suds.

Chloe grabbed a wash cloth and applied a large drop of soap and worked up a good lather. She could feel the dirt and grime of the road sliding off her body and it felt so good to be clean.

“Jesus,” Dave whispered as she watched Chloe begin to wash herself. Chloe nodded quickly again as Dave tilted his head up to meet her pink lips with his.

She rubbed the soapy wash cloth across her face and down her neck. At first Dave started slowly, not wanting to startle the young girl again.

Her small tits juggled slightly as she worked the lather into her hair and the suds flowed down her body, flowing over her skin, sliding down her breasts, partially covering her tight slit, trailing down between her dimpled ass-cheeks.

He licked his lips as he watched transfixed, his heart beating out of his chest and he could feel his iron hard dick twitch with every thud.

Just charge it to my room.” The clerk gathered the supplies and headed back to the room as the clerk yelled back at him from down the hall. We don’t have late night housekeepers so if y’all need any extra towels or robes or such they’re down the hall.” Dave waved his thanks as he shuffled down the hall.

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