Symantec not updating server

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These files do not contain the required files needed by a SEPM or SAV Parent to additionally update any clients attached.

Hi, Question for Symantec Corporate people with managed SCS 3.1.6 clients.(SSC used to manage the clients)Have any of you had issues with definitions not updating since the latest windows patches were released?

Hiho all, Currently we're running Symantec Corporate 8.01 (yes, I know outdated). Stiddy, Thanks for the response, here's the answers (sorry the first post was so brief, in the middle of a bit).1. All servers and workstations are behind the same firewall.3. Stopped and restarted all Symantec services with no changes.4.

What I'm seeing happen, is that the server is updating itself, but none of the clients are receiving the definition push. Windows 2003 SP1 and all workstations are Win XP SP2, TCP/IP (or LAN setting on the management console) is the transport method. It points back to the parent server and lists out the group that system is part of.6.Created a new file and pushed it out to my test system.3. But I was curious if anyone else had seen this behavior and had any thoughts on where the problem may reside. I'm going to try unassigning one system from the group (Should have done this earlier, never thought of it) and see if it is some kind of problem specific to this group setup. I also had problems with the service hanging at starting never getting started. I had a lot of problems with the console hanging with version For further assistance, contact Symantec Support services.Based in the live music capital of the world, Tammy Columbo continues to work in the information technology industry as she has done for more than 10 years.When you launch the SEPM console locally on the server, you are prompted to enter administrator credentials.

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