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Also, more games are unlocked as the Tamagotchi ages.

It has 6 stages of life: Aside from different games, The Tamagotchi Connection v3 makes few changes in comparison to the v2 Like the v2, the older the Tamagotchi gets, the more games it has access to, and there are still 6 stages of life.

At Tamagotchi Town, the password is entered and Tamagotchi Town appears on-screen.

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It also included a TV option where the player can use Gotchi Points to shop on the Shopping Channel, find a mate with the Dating Show, or go travelling on the Travelling Show which replaces the pause function of previous generations.

There is a design flaw with the v5 which prevents it from properly connecting to the other Tamagotchis in the series.

It was released in Asia on January 6, 2008 in Australia on January 10, 2008 and was released worldwide later in February 2008.

The v5 introduces the ability to raise families, with 3-5 parents and kids.

The player also chooses what job an adult Tamagotchi gets and will unlock mini-games based on this choice.

The Connection v4.5 makes minimal changes to gameplay from the v4, short of adding new games; however, the Tamagotchi is now able to collect "Life Points".

All Tamagotchi Devices are capable of connecting with each other; however, a character from a newer Version will show on an older version as the mystery character known as Nazotchi.

The Tamagotchi Connection v2 introduces "Gotchi Points", an in-game currency used to buy shop items.

The Tamagotchi Connection makes additional changes to gameplay instead of simply changing the games and other minor details.

For example, the child and teenager can go to school and play mini-games, where an adult can get a job.

The Tamagotchi Connection v5 also has a v5.5 variant, which brings minimal changes to the generation.

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