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I spent five years in product management, which gave me a shoe in the door and a lot of empathy for the development process. I interviewed over 50 developers, whether it was online or in person, and none of them had put in the time to understand what a startup So get your idea out. (If you can’t get to this step, perhaps this isn’t the road for you.)So how do you mitigate the risk that they’ll build your code base then run off to Australia because the surf waves are looking mighty high? Something that shows you can stick out a few weeks of late nights with mac and cheese (sharp cheddar flavor). In many cases, it doesn’t work out with a particular developer.

The jury’s out on whether two or three is right.” This means more start-ups are scrambling to find good talent, and find it fast.

One entrepreneur facing this predicament is Tablo Publishing founder Ash Davies, who was named Best Young Entrepreneur at the 2013 Startup Smart Awards in March.

“You can apply with two founders but to really accelerate your start-up we prefer a strong team of three people,” it says.

Closer to home, Melbourne-based start-up accelerator Angel Cube recently announced it won’t be taking on sole founders in future rounds.

While a lot of it depends on an entrepreneur’s networks and specific requirements, it seems there is also an element of luck involved, and not everyone is fortunate enough to find their co-founder in a chance meeting.

Indeed, some entrepreneurs go to great lengths to find the perfect co-founder.

Those are deep questions that relate to your values, life stage, and prior experience.

They use words like EC2, client and server, iterations, ruby on rails and refactoring.

Between him and Colin (another engineer who now works at Roadmunk), I learned I was incredibly hungry to understand how engineering teams think about problems, operate their teams, and scale software.

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