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(Side note: If you’re not a Christian, these rules can still apply to you as they are a recipe for a healthy, strong relationship where you have a voice and are safe). As a new sophomore in high school, a senior boy and I had a mutual attraction.

He asked me out, I said ‘yes’ (and secretly hoped my parents would too) and for nearly the next year, we were a thing.

Two school years later, I was dating someone else and in a woefully unhealthy fashion, I made my life about this guy (he, however, the jerk in this relationship).

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It’s a hot topic and there’s nothing simple about it.

My daughter is 17 and thus far, has chosen not to date.

So I didn’t deal and I wasn’t always so kind to him.

He and I are friends now, so it seems like he’s forgiven me (or just plain forgot because it was 500 years ago), but still I feel like it would have been better had I waited to reach a certain level of maturity before dating.

Dear Auntie Leila, I have a bunch of kids, the oldest two are 16 and 14.

The oldest attends public school and thankfully, has not had a weekend social life with his classmates yet.

For example, you may extend his curfew as he gets older.

His curfew might change based on whether he is driving, his date is driving, or if a parent is driving.

It also means being available and open to ongoing conversations.

Even though they can make many decisions on their own, teens still need boundaries from you.

To be clear, I don’t regret dating then because the boy was a jerk. I simply wasn’t ready for it and sometimes, I wasn’t very nice to him.

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