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As there are literally thousands of accreditation agencies it would be impossible to join them all.

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If you have any doubts about what we mean by that, then you can refer to this list of national Postal Services at the website of the Universal Postal Union.

Simply look up your country in Postal Administrations listed in the Contacts and Links to see the entity responsible for delivery of your Graduation Package.

We pay for every Graduation Package to be shipped by Global Priority Airmail.

The envelopes are actually printed stating that delivery should take place worldwide in up to 5 working days and over 90% of our packages are delivered within that timeframe.

The legality of the Apostille legalization MUST be recognized in any country that adheres to the Apostille Convention.

For Credit transfer purposes, Institutions will normally only recognize degrees from other institutions registered with the same accreditation agency.

10 working days is important because this is the period in which the Registered Mail ticket is live and delivery is still actively being attempted but it is before an item would be returned to sender as undelivered or unclaimed.

Only purchases via Credit/Debit Card or Bitcoin are accepted by our sponsors. You can click to see an example of a typical Graduation Package below.

It is often misunderstood that this is a problem often encountered by holders of conventional degrees as well.

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