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Sri Reddy staged a topless protest against the Telugu Film industry for sexual exploitation.She’s now followed it with more allegations of sexual harassment and being forced to have sex with a producer’s son.

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That is only a society which is created by a few members. 900 people have to tell their decision, then only they can ban me.”“I applied in MAA. On You Tube, you can see my address, my phone number, everything. The actress was all for solving it amicably, but she said that they were not willing to incorporate any changes.

“I did not do it only for myself, I did it for all the girls and women who are facing this problem.”Sri Reddy is not one to give up and whilst many have called it a cheap publicity stunt and a way of getting attention, she says she is prepared to fight:“I will fight till my last breath. If I get any offer, then I will do, otherwise I will go back to TV.

That’s the reason people are showing interest towards these North or other state women.

That is the only reason they are getting roles; because they are flexible to everything, and Telugu women are not.”Admitting sending nude photos and videos to Telugu producers and directors, Reddy claims:“I have faced a lot of problems with directors and producers.

Girls are very innocent, that’s the reason they are not giving proper replies.

I’m the only person giving proper replies to them.”Reddy raised the question as to why are they being sexually exploited in this way by the industry, saying: Sri Reddy also alluded to the power of four influential families who are in total control of the Telugu film industry and that nepotism is rife.They have called me directly for nude video chats and nude photos.They asked me directly and I have sent, I have proofs also.That is my Brahmastra (weapon).”Reddy says in the interview that these film studios were often used to sexually exploit actresses:“Studios are the safest place to use for sex.Big directors, producers and heroes use studios as brothels. And it is the safest place because no one will come inside; police also will not check, and the government is not taking this as a big issue.”Not happy about the lack of roles offered to Telugu actresses, which are instead offered to North Indian actresses, Sri Reddy did not hold back on claims that these other actresses were given Telugu film roles in return for sexual favours, saying:“For the last 10-15 years, we are only watching North Indian girls as the heroine. A lot of people are saying that these North Indian girls who are coming from the other states, they will give them sexual favours and all. (మీలో ఎవరైనా లేడీ readers ఉంటే ఇది ట్రై చెయ్యండి)..తర్వాత నన్ను నిల్చోబెట్టి నాకు లిప్ కిస్ ఇచ్చి బాగా చేసావే బుజ్జి అంటు నన్ను పట్టేసుకుని, ముద్దులు పెడుతూ నా గుద్ద పిసికేస్తున్నాడు. నన్ను అలాగే ఎత్తుకుని బెడ్రూం లోకి తీసుకుని వెళ్లి towel తో పూర్తిగా తుడిచేసాడు.

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