high end dating service dallas - The biggest dating red flags

Instead of calmly letting me know it bothered him or explaining why it hurt him, he would explode with anger and accusations.

If I made plans with my friends, he would get jealous and annoyed.

He also would get angry if I made plans without checking with him first.

If I needed space, he would threaten me with hurting himself or doing something that would bother me.

I was constantly afraid while in a toxic relationship, which is definitely one of the biggest warning signs.

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He couldn’t handle his alcohol but continued to drink.

Some people have difficulty controlling how much they drink and how they act while they’re drunk.

He wanted to be exclusive as soon as we started hanging out.

When we started hanging out regularly, he wanted us to be in a relationship immediately, including on social media.

I’ve always looked for the good in people, often to the point of completely ignoring the red flags they’re waving wildly in my face.

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