relative age dating methods - The online dating and relating model

Board to have use of funds from the Manville property damage settlement trust.

Applicant's employment history; requirement to disclose and check upon.

Analysis of school districts' efforts re prevention of and response to bullying in schools.

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Local boards of education are not agents of the towns but creatures of the state.

Procedure for filling vacancy on local board of education.

Use of charter school student performance data in the calculation of accountability index scores for alliance districts.

Contracts between boards of education and not-for-profit educational management organizations.

Policy on weighted grading for honors and advanced placement classes.

Transportation of students carrying cartridge injectors. Boards to adopt policies addressing limitation of physical exercise. Boards to make available for purchase nutritious and low-fat foods. Immunity of school employees, students, parents or guardians, individuals and boards of education from liability for certain actions relating to reporting, investigating and responding to school bullying and teen dating violence. Information re aggregate spending for education to be made available. Review of transportation arrangements of special needs students.

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