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"It would be the end of Mullum as we know it," they protest.

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I was feeling very dozy on the road and the next truckstop was another 15km north and becomes a busy area after am.

Caravan magazines need to stop adding truckstops as caravan destinations.

During the hearing, the dealership maintained that the caravan could still be used for its intended purpose.

And Jayco argued there was little evidence that the caravan had a major defect, was unsafe or unfit for its intended purpose.

We are a friendly bunch and are consoled by government figures that show Victoria is in fact the most visited region in Australia Mr Carpenters letter, that is). I pulled in for a few hours break to find four RVs parked there with gaps not enough for a semi to park.

We Victorians on the other hand, extend a warm welcome to our northerly fellow Australians, and although recommend you fit a cosy heater into your caravan, we assure you we will welcome you warmly. A truck was parked just before the exit with just enough space to squeeze out when I left.GUESTS stayiing at Esperance's seafront caravan park in WA now have access to a life-saving heart defibrillator, thanks to a big-hearted local businessman.Florissons Home Furnishers owner Michael Florisson took things into his own hands after learning that three key locations in the town included the caravan park near his store.Caravanner, 70, airlifted to hospital after rig rolled on Qld's remote Gulf Developmental Road at Junction Creek Bridge, Mount Surprise.Her 72-year-old male passenger suffered only minor injuries.And some parks which do not carry the BIG4 name have also been signed up and will be included in the new categories.

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