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In Toulouse, enjoy the canals waters on a barge or even go cycling beside it.The Toulousain Cassoulet is the city’s famous culinary dish, a pork and white bean casserole rich with flavour and finesse.

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Despite having the fourth biggest population in the country, Toulouse has been often overlooked as a go-to destination until now.

Whilst other major French cities have received their fair share of attention already, it’s now Toulouse’s turn in the spotlight!

It is best known for housing the remains of historic philosopher Thomas Aquinas and having an interior ‘palm-tree’ appearance made of brick columns to support the apse vault.

Exploring further you’ll be able to witness the interior Jacobins gardens, whilst numerous rooms are home to permanent and temporary exhibits!

The city has been popular for business travellers during the week.

Now, Toulouse is getting a name for itself for being a trendy spot for a European weekend away.

Toulouse may have an intriguing history dating back to 257AD and boast the largest Romanesque Basilica in Europe, yet it’s the city’s aviation industry that also plays a part as it echoes the present and the future.

From stars to Starlings, Toulouse also throws in more airborne attractions along the way.

Aeroscopia Museum provides a fascinating insight into the history of aviation.

Not only that it houses several real-life aircrafts the museum includes none other than the Concorde and its flagship aircraft the Airbus.

If Toulouse had a stomach full of food, Victor Hugo Market (named after the author) would be it. With hoards of delicious foods from local produce to fresh seafood, you could spend breakfast lunch and dinner here.

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