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Now take this coriander water in a glass to drink.6.

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Well, thyroid is a gland in human body known as thyroid gland and it is very important as it produces very beneficial hormones.

The thyroid gland is responsible and influences many metabolic processes in the body.

below given is a home remedy for thyroid and a natural way to kill thyroid by just home remedies.

Coriander seed water is one of the best home remedies to kill thyroid in 8 days.

Looking for a natural way to fight against the thyroid problems that you are tired of?

Well, before we prepare to kill thyroid and take any other important step towards it lets, head to knowing what thyroid actually is?

the general symptoms that you can face are weight gain depression, may also cause pain in joints, sensitivity to both heat and cold, a feeling of tightness in the throat, higher cholesterol levels, dryness in the skin and sometimes vision problems.

On the other hand, the symptoms that appear in hyperthyroidism are, mood swings, nervousness, weight loss, rapid irregular heartbeats and weight loss etc.

This generally lasts for few weeks.4.lumps in the thyroid: These lumps in the thyroid gland can cause the secretion of thyroid hormones which depresses the chemical balance of the body.5.

Cancerous growths in the thyroid gland Now lets head to the symptoms that starts to appear when an imbalance in the thyroid gland is caused but the thing to know here is, there are two types of thyroid imbalance, or in other words there are generally two types of condition a person can face when an imbalance occurs in the thyroid gland and both of these conditions comes with deference symptoms.

This condition generally effects woman more than men and shows its worst face when becomes older, and this needed to be tackled and managed during the times of pregnancy.

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