Tyler perry dating janet jackson

“I think some people worried I’d actually put Madea in this film,” says Perry, 41.“I wanted my fans and fans of the play to know that I understood the historical importance of this project and treated it that way.

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Tyler perry dating janet jackson

He even changed the ending of the film—over her objections—because it featured her in a scene at a funeral. “When I think of Janet, I just want to protect her.

Not that she needs it—she can handle whatever comes her way, and she has.

I worried he’d change his number by the time the movie started filming,” she says. Jackson understood Jo’s devastating secrets (which we are about to reveal, so stop reading if you don’t want to know) in a number of personal ways. “I’d been in my own marriage where there was a huge pink elephant in the room and I just ignored it.

It wasn’t that exact same situation, of course, but there was something wrong that I wouldn’t admit to myself and just stayed,” she says.

Jackson plays Jo, a high-powered magazine editor from the Devil Wears Prada school.

“Tyler named her Carmen, but Carmen doesn’t seem cold, heartless, and hard. “For some reason, men always want to protect me from something,” says Jackson, 44, her eyes and that voice as vulnerable as always. Whatever the cause, Janet Jackson has long noticed she has a peculiar effect on men and, frankly, she doesn’t get it.“I knew that some women really consider it the black woman’s bible,” Perrysays.“That was fascinating to me.”Shange’s beautiful and haunting play is an especially un-film-friendly work.I thought her name should be Jo, which is a little more cold and masculine. It is also the name of her difficult and demanding father, Joe, which Jackson acknowledges only with a wry smile.

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