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An example of this could be having your Facebook or online banking account hacked for malicious means.Cyber enabled: Existing crimes are perpetrated through the use of the internet.Victims often end up losing their life savings, health and peace of mind.

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Some Useful Web Sites Further information can be found at: (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) (Internet Watch Foundation) (Home Office site) of fake sites and advice) research group) There are no borders in cyberspace, posing challenges for police in investigating cyber-crime incidents which may involve suspects, victims and crimes spanning multiple countries and on a global scale.

INTERPOL assists member countries in sharing and consolidating information on known cyber incidents, and analyses this information with the aim to produce actionable intelligence for use by police on the ground.

Whether it be identity theft or cyber bullying, the Internet is rife with goings on that could pose a threat.

In order to minimise your chances of being victimised online, make yourself aware of the possible dangers and follow best practice to avoid them.

Bullies and fraudsters can target individuals from anywhere in the world from a number of platforms – including social networking websites, chat rooms, shopping/auction sites and emails.

With this in mind, it’s really important to err on the side of caution when surfing the web, and to be particularly vigilant of the following online behaviours we have covered below.

Now that we have multiple ways of accessing the Internet – phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs etc. If you or your child frequent chat rooms, social networking websites, or if you use instant messaging or online role playing games, the following information could help you to enjoy your time online without falling victim to vicious online behaviour.

Cyber bullying exists in many different forms, including the following: Email Bullies commonly send victims inappropriate images and abusive group or singular emails to cause humiliation.

Instant messaging (IM)Instant messaging applications are hugely popular among children, young people and business professionals and are designed to allow friends and colleagues to chat online in real time.

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