Ukraine jews dating

For about a month, the two communicated online and then switched to phone calls. The two-month-old Web site is for Jewish singles in Ukraine.

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In 1959 just 840,446 remained and numbers have declined steadily since then, leaving 65,000 today.'The poster said that Zionists want to unite Ukraine with Europe, to break the country away from its Slavic brothers, how wrong this was, and there were quotes from the bible. The incident happened as around 20 Jews were leaving the synagogue earlier this week.

The three hooded men handing out the pamphlets were carrying a Russian flag and the symbol of the separatist Republic of Donetsk.

They are encouraged to put up their photographs, says Goldenberg, but in keeping with the site's traditional approach, men and women are only able to view pictures of the opposite sex. Jewish Orthodox tradition does not accept same-sex relationships," she explains. "We don't put up photos that are too revealing, such as those that show a person in a swimming suit," Goldenberg says.

And the site does not operate on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

This follows fears over a leaflet distributed in the city of Donetsk which demanded that people over 16 of Jewish origin should register with the authorities, a sinister development that smacked of the Nazi-era.

But some local Jews are also concerned about a Russian invasion, with tens of thousands of troops within striking distance of the Ukrainian frontier, said Alexander Ivanchenko, who runs Sohnut, an organisation assisting people to go and live in Israel.

The idea was hatched last winter by Udi Ben-Ami, Israel's consul general in Dnepropetrovsk, and local Chabad rabbi, Shmuel Kaminetski.

"It has always disturbed me to see how many single Jews in Ukraine can't find someone to marry," Ben-Ami says, adding that he's met many Ukrainian Jews in their 30s "who never got married, because they couldn't find a Jewish spouse." Potential clients are required to meet with an approved rabbi and produce evidence that they are Jewish.

"We are worried about losing our people, and so we try to help them build pure Jewish families," Kaminetski says.

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