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"I'll see it over and over again on Tinder and Bumble."Spira told ATTN: that both men and women lie about their age on online dating platforms."It’s very common for women to lie about their age to fit into a search," Spira wrote."They realize that men will search up to an age with a zero attached to it, so often you will find ages ending with a never-ending 9 number. more about Daria from Kharkov I am a good woman for marriage, what I can give to my man?

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On another occasion, Robinson met with a guy from out of town who ultimately revealed that he and his wife hadn't had sex in two years because it was too painful for her after menopause.

He said his wife gave him the freedom to sleep with other women when he traveled, but Robinson pointed out to ATTN: that he didn't mentioned any of this on his profile or when they first met up.

I wish to meet a strong, honest man, who knows what he wants in this life, open minded and family oriented.

Man who wants to spend the rest of our lives together.

Melanie Robinson, an online dating expert who uses online dating apps herself, told ATTN: that it's common for people to fib about these two things in their profiles, and the lies don't end there.

Here are some major things people tend to fabricate on their profiles, according to three different experts.Meeting Russian Ladies has never been easier or more efficient. Everyone wants to present the best versions of themselves on dating profiles, and sometimes, this drives them to lie about how awesome they are.Robinson, who uses Bumble and Tinder, told ATTN: that she has encountered married men on Tinder.In some cases, the men aren't forthcoming about this in their profiles either, so it's possible that you could match with someone who is married or otherwise attached."I had one experience where a guy told me he was divorced and he went back home and I got a phone call from his wife," Robinson said.Julie Spira, who is also an online dating expert, told ATTN: via email that a lot of attached people use dating sites."[Some people] claim to be perpetually 'single,' when in fact they’ve either filed for divorce and it’s still pending or they are thinking about splitting up with their significant other," Spira wrote. Either you’re single and available, or you’re attached."Research has shown that married people are on Tinder as well.

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