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I even posted the photo on the Serendipity Refined Facebook Fan Page...remember....don't you? Go ahead, admit it...you're Thank heavens for the black primer spray paint that was left over from my sons' days of building models and the can of flat black spray paint that I found in the back of the paint shelf when I was packing the basement!

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This project was inexpensive and it made such a big impact in our mudroom.

It started with a few Habitat Re Store light fixtures and some NEW!

Exhibit B: Boobish Light Fixtures And, because you have to take the ugly light fixtures (that look like nippleless boobs) down, you might as well put something pretty back up.

Yes, well that’s where I found myself several weeks ago.

I'm also not spending money to replace the mirror..light bar..the toilet tissue holder...because let's face it, the chances that they'd survive Phase 2 of the renovation in one piece and that I would be able to actually locate all of the parts when it came time to re-install them.....let's not kid ourselves... I'm still looking for the charger for my electric toothbrush...it's been a month.

I'm merely fixing what's here so that I can direct our guests to to this bathroom without having to make excuses.... So, after a single afternoon spent with spray paint and chalk paint..a quick trip to the Home Depot for some .65 replacement globes, vintage style light bulbs, and new knobs for the vanity (as well as two coats of paint on the ceiling, walls and trim, and a few hours with gloves, bleach and cleanser) my 1970's oak and brass bathroom fixtures now look like this: I'm delighted because this bathroom update cost under and I have a bathroom that I'm not afraid to show to my guests.Screen Printing Martha Stewart Glass Paint: Plaid’s Martha Stewart Crafts just introduced five different types of glass paint, stencils and tools for painting on glass surfaces.If you’ve ever tried to paint on glass, you know that not just any paint will work.A quick wiping with a clean rag and the fixture was ready for some spray primer and oil rubbed bronze spray paint.(Follow this tutorial for more details on spray painting light fixtures.) Create Silk Screen Stencil: Instead of watching paint dry (who has time for that?!) I began drawing out my pattern for the glass panes. I drew up this moorish circle diamond pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

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