Updating codec on ps3

In June, Sony tweaked its firmware 1.8 update for the Play Station 3 to include AVC High-Profile format video.The file-compression technology allows files to be played using the form-fitting MPEG-4 format, and allows for faster streaming of high-quality video. announced that its eponymous technology will also soon be supported on Sony's Play Station 3.

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Windows Version Download Mac Version Download After downloading and installing this MKV to PS3 converter, please launch it on your computer as the first step.

Then, click "Add File" or "Add Folder" button to select MKV files you want to play on PS3.

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Play Station 3 gamers will soon have access to Div X digital video content through their consoles after Sony yesterday agreed to a tie-up between the two companies.

Although a release date hasn’t yet been announced, Div X claimed it will certify the PS3 in the “near future”.

Once completed, PS3 owners old and new will be able to add Div X functionality to the console through a firmware update.

Div X’s CEO, Kevin Hell, said PS3 game developers will also, Div X claims, be able to make use of its decoder technology by updating to version 2.0 of the console’s software development kit, released earlier this month.

Plug the external USB hard drive into one of the USB ports on the PS3 and navigate to VIDEO on the PS3 XMB menu and find your device. Finally, copy and paste the converted MKV file to the PS3 hard drive. Besides MKV, users also report that videos of other formats, like MP4, cannot be played on PS3.

So you may want to have a clear idea about what video files that PS3 can play. The following are supported files types of PS3: You may wonder: does PS4 play MKV?

Although PS3 owners were already able to stream videos from their PCs to their PS3s, the latest update will enable the system to view clips in the Div X-encoded format.

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