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Markup for second Sql Data Source control looks like this (note that we need just Select Command here): This layout looks definitely more user friendly.Image Field is used to show an image, primary key is presented as a read-only field and used Template Field to enable advanced layout in product name and category selection.Rather than using a button, two other user interface elements are commonly used for selection: the radio button and checkbox.

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Template Field is a little harder to use compared to other types of fields, but it allows almost unlimited formatting options.

Practically, you can place complete all table columns in one Template Field.

Here is a markup code for this Sql Data Source control: ="SELECT Products. Of course, you can use your own existing table, just adopt Sql Data Source commands to suit your table structure.

Category Name FROM Products INNER JOIN Categories ON Products. ID ORDER BY Product ID" This data source contains commands for all four basic operations: Select, Update, Insert and Delete.

This tutorial looks at how to add a column of radio buttons to the Grid View. Before we start enhancing the Grid View to include a column of radio buttons, let s first take a moment to create the ASP.

NET pages in our website project that we'll need for this tutorial and the next two.

As examined in the Master/Detail Using a Selectable Master Grid View with a Details Detail View, we can add a Command Field to the Grid View that includes a Select button.

When clicked, a postback ensues and the Grid View s property is updated to the index of the row whose Select button was clicked.

You can use it for simple text data type Button Field - Showing a Button control Check Box Field - Showing a Check Box control, used for boolean yes/no fields Command Field - Command buttons, like Edit, Delete or New, used for manipulating data Hyper Link Field - Used to show a hyperlink Image Field - Used to show an image Template Field - Used to show data in custom layout, when other field types are inadequate Implemented in our example, markup code with custom fields used could look like this: Category selection uses data from second table.

To bind categories to Drop Down List control we need to add another data source control.

Template Field contains Item Template, Edit Item Template and Insert Item Template sub tags used to specify different layouts for showing and editing of existing records or adding a new record.

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