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The image below demonstrates Non-Document Mode in action - the Document Manager hosts a Rich Edit Control and is used along with the Dock Manager: With this release, a Document Manager can be hosted within a User Control.If your application contains a Document Manager with lots of documents, your users no longer have to wait until all documents are loaded before they can start working.

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Free live dsex chat - Updating multiple rows in gridview

Coded UI Test Extension for Dev Express Win Forms controls is an extension of Microsoft Coded UI Tests (CUIT), designed to help you create automated tests of your user interface.

Using these tests, you can perform functional testing of the UI and validation of UI controls.

These features do not require a single line of code and are enabled by default where appropriate.

Tooltips can display any information about the hovered chart element.

Along with default 'Close', 'Maximize' and 'Auto-Hide' buttons, Dock Panels can now have custom header buttons of Push or Check type.

Check type buttons can additionally unite in radio button groups.You can embed any control for tooltip content - even display another chart to represent detailed drill-down data.A crosshair cursor provides important interactivity and allows you to track series point values in crosshair and axis labels.A Chart Control can be connected to the newly released Range Control.When you select the interval in a Range Control, a chart automatically adjusts its axes ranges to a value corresponding this interval.This feature is only licensed as part of DXperience Universal Edition.

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