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However, in case Safari crashes again, you might have to resort to a hard-reset/soft-reset/restore routine.

For me, simply clearing out caches was enough to get Safari working again on the i Phone and to stop loading blank pages (much like a similar experience in OS X), but let us know in the comments if you experience any problem and what worked for you to resolve it.

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Programs like this browser hijacker serve the purposes of the online marketing industry, which is why they constantly generate and expose users to vast quantities of various online ads, such as popups, banners, etc.

Based on the number of times those users interact with the said ads, the developers of the browser hijackers earn revenue.

And they, in fact, actually adjust the flow of ads to match each individual’s browsing preferences.

However, as this is most certainly considered to be a privacy violation, security experts tend to sort browser hijackers like this one in the potentially unwanted program or PUP category.

If you’ve experienced one of these problems with i OS 8.2, you may be able to remedy it with one of solutions outlined below.

Once you’ve cleared the Safari cache, manually quit the app by using the multitasking screen and swiping up on Safari so that it flies off screen, then relaunch Safari again. At this point Safari be working as intended, opening as usual and being responsive to touch and input again.

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