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Intermittent complete shutdowns also aren't usually correctible with a reboot (look for a loose battery grip or damaged/corroded battery or battery contacts... They have memory, computer chips and process data, same as your desktop or laptop. If it doesn't, well you are just out a few minutes time and a little effort.

some early BG-E2 grips for 20D were simply were poorly fitted and lose contact, search for DIY fixes on the Internet). Just as a computer sometimes needs to be rebooted to clear memory and remove stray strings of data, doing the same . Remove all the batteries, both the rechargeable(s) and the little silver memory battery.

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If you use an EOS 30D, then you have two ways to update your firmware.

You can use the procedure described, or you can connect the camera to the computer with a USB cable and then use EOS Utility to update the firmware.

Or it has some operational glitch that doesn't clear simply by turning the camera's power off and back on, or perhaps by removing the main rechargeable battery briefly.

Or it won't format a memory card or doesn't write properly to the card (in this case, also use a flashlight to closely inspect the pins in the memory card socket and the socket end of the card itself, to be sure none are bent or damaged).

Let it sit for a long period of time, allowing any and all remaining power in the circuitry to gradually drain off.

Some have had success letting the camera sit for just half an hour, 45 minutes or an hour. If your camera is 4 or 5 years old, you might want to replace the small, silver memory battery with a new one at this time.

There are full instructions on the Canon EOS 30D firmware update page on how to do this.

Your camera powers up and seems normal some of the time, you can access the menu, but it sometimes seems to stick in one mode or another.

If you are using an Apple Mac, it should self-extract. Compare the file size of the extracted file size with the file size listed on the Canon website.

If there is any variation, re-download the file until the sizes match.

Interrupting that installation or installing an incomplete FIR file can "brick" a camera and require it be sent in for repair.

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