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The leader of the thalassocrats is of course called the thalassiarch.

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You'd probably be better off reading the full article but some people want executive summaries.

Rick starts with certain assumptions and follows them to various conclusions about the interstellar economy.

With creative maintenance, the service life might be longer than 30 years, see below.

Question: how many cargos can a merchant starship carry in 1 year?

There is a long history of SF novels about interstellar free traders eking out a marginal existence on the fringes of the huge trader corporations, from Andre Norton's Solar Queen novels to the Space Angel series by John Maddox Roberts.

Go to The Tough Guide to the Known Galaxy and read the entries "ECONOMY", "FREE TRADERS", "PIRACY", "REPLICATOR", "TRADE" and "TRADE FEDERATION".

Assumption, average of 1/2 of retail price goes to shipping cost.

Therefore the minimum price of interstellar imported goods are 0 per kilogram.

This means the ship owner must earn 0,000 of profit per ton of cargo.

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