Validating date format

(Default) Displays date values as numbers and time values as hours, minutes, and seconds followed by AM or PM.

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Top of Page Access provides several predefined formats for the date and time data, but if these formats do not meet your needs you can specify a custom format.

If you do not select either a predefined or custom format, Access automatically applies the General Date format — m/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss AM/PM.

For example, you can calculate a total number of hours worked (a time card), or the age of an invoice.

For more information about how to calculate date values, see the article on the Date function.

If the value does not have a time component, Access displays only the date.

If the value has no date component, Access displays only the time.

For example, you can combine the General Date and Long Time formats as follows: m/dd/yyyy;h:mm:ss.

Controls where Access places the separator for hours, minutes, and seconds.

Access normally displays text as left aligned and fills any area to the right of the value with blank spaces.

You can add fill characters anywhere in a format string, and Access will fill any blank spaces with the specified character.

Top of Page Use an input mask when you want to make sure that users enter date and time data in a specific format.

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