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If the database backend supports row-level constraints, these constraints will be checked at the end of the transaction.

However, some actions like adding files don’t trigger a restart, so you’ll have to restart the server in these cases.

If you are using Linux and install pyinotify, kernel signals will be used to autoreload the server (rather than polling file modification timestamps each second).

For example, if your Runs over the entire source tree of the current directory and pulls out all strings marked for translation.

It creates (or updates) a message file in the conf/locale (in the Django tree) or locale (for project and application) directory.

Marks the migrations up to the target one (following the rules above) as applied, but without actually running the SQL to change your database schema.

This is intended for advanced users to manipulate the current migration state directly if they’re manually applying changes; be warned that using operations in that migration already exist.

This option is intended for use when first running migrations against a database that preexisted the use of migrations.

This option does not, however, check for matching database schema beyond matching table names and so is only safe to use if you are confident that your existing schema matches what is recorded in your initial migration. You can pass in an IP address and port number explicitly.

This server uses the WSGI application object specified by the setting. It has not gone through security audits or performance tests. We’re in the business of making Web frameworks, not Web servers, so improving this server to be able to handle a production environment is outside the scope of Django.) The development server automatically reloads Python code for each request, as needed.

You don’t need to restart the server for code changes to take effect.

Activates some additional checks that are only relevant in a deployment setting.

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