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The implementation is available in the Java, C and Perl programming languages.

The name "Xerces" is believed to commemorate the extinct Xerces blue butterfly (Glaucopsyche xerces).

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In computing, Xerces is Apache's collection of software libraries for parsing, validating, serializing and manipulating XML.

The library implements a number of standard APIs for XML parsing, including DOM, SAX and SAX2.The latest installable developer sources should usually be available from the build server.It's also possible to check out the latest development version of lxml from github directly, using a command like this (assuming you use hg and have hg-git installed): You can browse the source repository and its history through the web. The latest CHANGES of the developer version are also accessible.As of release 2.4.16, libxml2 passed all 1800 tests from the OASIS XML Tests Suite.To some extent libxml2 provides support for the following additional specifications but doesn't claim to implement them completely: Hosting sponsored by Open Source CMS services from AOE media. This document describes libxml, the XML C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome project.There is a separate module lxml.objectify that implements a data-binding API on top of lxml.etree.

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