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Despite the fact that Palpatine—a strong supporter of Naboo's opening to the galaxy—and his mentor had vastly different political viewpoints, they got along well and were close friends.Vidar once told Palpatine that he was like the younger brother that he had never had.Discouraging the bedding of corporate entities who wanted to exploit the rich plasma reserves in the planet's core, Kim did all he could to persuade the monarchy and the Senator to avoid selling their rare resource offworld.

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Broken by the tragedy, Kim devised a far-fetched plot to lead his only living son, the Jedi Knight Ronhar Kim, away from the Order and to carry on the family lineage.

Returning to Coruscant within a month of his family's accident, Kim was angered when his only remaining son refused him, reaffirming his oath to the Jedi Order.

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During a gala on Malastare in the wake of the Vinta Harvest Classic, Senator Kim and his entourage were in attendance when the Senator received a communiqué from Naboo, revealing the death of his entire family in a airspeeder accident over Kaadara.

Returning immediately to Naboo, Kim, his entourage and a large throng of mourners gathered at the Funeral Temple in Theed for his family's cremation.

Unknown to Kim, Palpatine had been taken as the apprentice of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis.

The Muun Sith Lord had ordered Palpatine to deepen his connection to Kim upon hearing that the Senator had sired a Forceful son.

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Vidar Kim was a male Human politician from the planet Naboo.

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