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Guess what, now the work is up to YOU, not a lawyer.These steps can mean the difference between freedom and jail.

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In order for it to be admissible, you have to notify them in advance that the calls are recorded.

That’s a shame, because while voicemails can be ignored and deleted, paper mail should be saved in their file.

We hear it too often for it to be just manufactured out of thin air, and the fact is probation officers, like attorneys or anyone else, sometimes get too busy, or they just get lazy and don’t do their job.

Once a person is arrested or summoned on a probation violation, the very real danger of jail time is at hand.

If you want to be REALLY proactive, download an app to record your calls, and notify your probation officer that you record calls.

Get their fax number, and go to a local UPS or Fedex store and fax the document to them.So if you’re on probation, here are some very concrete steps you can take to avoid probation violations, or empower an attorney to beat a probation violation if one is filed.But in order for us to put the probation officer in their place, we need to be able to ask “isn’t it true that my client, Steve, called you on this day and this day?What happened after that particular milestone was not recorded.There was a strong Lake Wobegon effect in the data, with only 1 percent of the population admitting to having "less than average" looks.One of the greatest problems lawyers face when representing someone in a probation violation is a lack of memory by the defendant and the absence of a timeline.

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