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You can read more on Romani history at this Sinti Romani Community website.

Romanies spent hundreds of years in Europe enduring wars, a lack of understanding of our culture, prejudice and hardship.

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After World War II, many more Romanies looked to Australia for a new home, coming in on the 10 pound boat trips; bringing with them skills such as boiler making, woodcraft, copper working and horse training.

In the 1950s, 60s and 70s; Romanies were seen camping along the east coast of Australia at places like Nudgee Beach near Brisbane and all the way down the NSW coast through to Orange and up to Mildura.

We have hundreds of old Hindu words that are used in Romani language.

There are 12 million Romanies living in Europe, 2 million in the Americas and around 25,000 Romanies living in Australia and I’m proud to be one of them.

I've been spending time as a writer, activist and educator since coming to Australia.

This picture of a Romani woman and her family was taken in 1907, just after their arrival in Brisbane from Europe on a boat that had sailed from Greece. Drive through the town and you feel you are in a prosperous and substantial rural town.Drive out of the town and you are on the great, flat Hay plain with its low-lying saltbush.It's a great example of a photo that can be used for the ABC Open project Now and Then to show the history of an Australian community.Romanies have a 1000 year old history dating back to the time of our exodus from India, where the Islamic invaders, led by Mahmoud of Ghazni forcibly removed our forefathers from our homeland.It is 653 km east of Adelaide and 415 km north of Melbourne. Court House - this substantial and stately brick courthouse was the town's fourth. Japp's Pharmacy - Surely the most elegant pharmacy in rural Australia, Japp's Pharmacy was built in 1913 to house a saddlery and tailor.

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