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Census Blocks, 2000 (0,000) - Shows census blocks and contains 2000 U. Census data regarding race, gender, age, families, and households.

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Data were provided by the Indiana Business Research Center.

NOTE: The unit of population density is persons per square kilometer.

The data are estimates for 2013 and were produced under the Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) program of the U. Children in Poverty, by School District, 2012 - Shows Children, Age 5 to 17, from Families in Poverty in Indiana in 2012, by 2012-2013 School District.

Attributes include total population of each school district, population of relevant children (ages 5 to 17), number of children from families in poverty, and percentage of children that are from families in poverty. The data were merged into the 2013 version of USCB data for of school district boundaries (2012-2013).

These data are based on questions in the population and housing long census questionnaire of the U. Census Bureau, collected from a sample of the population.

Race is a persons self-identified race or races with which respondent most closely identifies. The race data used consists of data for people of one race alone.

American Indian Ethnicity, 2000 (0,000) - Shows First Ancestry and Single-Race Ethnicity of Minor Civil Divisions (Civil Townships).

Ancestry is a persons self-identified heritage, ethnic origin, descent, or close identification to an ethnic group.

Historical Changes of Population Densities, 2000 (0,000) - Shows historical changes of population densities for civil townships for each decadal period from 1890 to 2000.

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