Watch with a chance of dating sonny with a chance

Life just keeps getting worse for Sonny With A Chance star Demi Lovato.

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Tweens will enjoy the kids' antics, and parents can be happy that the exchange of practical jokes is about as iffy as the content gets (though at least one of the pranks involves posting mildly embarrassing pictures on the Internet, which is a form of cyberbullying).

While there's not too much attempt to promote specific positive messages, Sonny's self-confidence and strong leadership skills make her a standout among her peers -- especially compared to the self-absorbed male heartthrob she's often at odds with.

So Random is a show which similarly takes on the same story and concept as All That from Nickelodeon.

She finds her own true love, Chad Dylan Cooper, whom is actually the main star of So Random's biggest teen show rival, Mackenzie Falls.

Sonny With A Chance has recently ended back in 2011 after being aired on the Disney Channel from February of 2009 to January of 2011.

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It is also Not only is this the best show on Disney Channel, it is the best show on television.

It just goes to show that a show can be funny without the sex and drugs and cussing.

The cast is rivaled with another show in the same studio, Mac Kenzie Falls starring Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight).

Sonny: [reads Chad's autograph] Sonny, thanks for the yogurt.

The story takes you to different experiences of Sonny Monroe, who soon finds that life in Hollywood isn't exactly what she was expecting.

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