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Soon it became obvious that a personal meeting was necessary to confirm our feelings. Then I took Anastasia back to Riga by train where we spent another very enjoyable week in the charming Old Town of Riga, Latvia.During this very pleasant time in Riga, I proposed to Anastasia and she accepted.

Petersburg, with the same description she had used on Friend Finder over a year ago.

I was shocked that she would deceive me like this after my months of supporting her and our Fiancee Visa application due to be approved any day.

She also said shortly after her husband died, both of her parents passe awa creating much sadness and causing her decision to move to St. She said her son was in the compute business as I had been and they had a computer in their flat which allowed us to communicate daily. They took me to a lovely furnished apartment they had found for me near the Nevskiy Prospeckt, Petersburg's main street.

As our emails, phone calls and MSN chat warmed we decided to remove our Friend Finder profiles and communicate exclusively. I booked my flight to Riga for late July and she discovered her Latvian Visa would take over 30 days so I flew into Riga, took a day to recover from the long flight and took an overnight train to St. I spent a very enjoyable week being shown the sites of Petersburg by Anastasia and Denis.

The pre-payment is by then not refundable, of course.

To help make it all appear legitimate she gives you the URL for Garyacha Renta ( which appears to be a ligitimate business, but now I believe it is simply a front for this scam.Despite my financial support I began to hear from her less and less frequently sometimes going for a week without a letter.The INS suspended the Visa process asking for more of her employment documentation and more confirmations of our personal meeting which I provided in December.She said she was widowed for 3 years and llved in St.Petersburg with her 24 year old Denisa after moving from Vladivostok.She was listed in this blacklist on February 6, 2003, but for some reason it is now removed.

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