What to do when dating a commitment phobe

Obviously this will start to feel threatening for him and will start to feel as though you are conspiring against him.If on the other hand you seem not particularly ready to commit then he might feel he needs to commit quickly in order to ‘secure’ you – and as though he’s making the commitment out of his own free will rather than because he feels he has to.In fact it’s fair to say that every man is really a commitment phobic on some level or another. There is actually a genetic reason for this – guys are designed to spread their seed and their genetics and can do so many times over during a short space of time.

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What You Can Do If you want to change your man’s thinking and make him a lot less phobic of commitment then you need to understand these aspects and somehow make sure that you fit in to the future.

You also need to make use of some other very male traits and tendencies.

This way he’ll feel like he’s got the ultimate ‘catch’ so it won’t matter so much about the smaller fish in the sea.

It sounds shallow, but it really taps into that innate need to feel like he’s ‘done well’.

One of the other real reasons then is a lack of maturity – and on some level he recognises this too.

But then at the same time some guys would argue that ‘maturity’ is over rated if it means selling out on your dreams and settling for less.

You also need to show him that you’re not an obstacle for him living his dreams, but rather an accessory to it.

It’s easy to laugh and dismiss some of the ideas and intentions that a man says he has – to become an astronaut or a rock star when in reality he works as a bus driver – but they’re important to him and it’s important to be supportive in any relationship.

The fear then for a lot of men is that they one day wake up 35 and having settled down and not achieved any of their ambitions.

Their ‘number’ (the number of girls they had sex with) is low and makes them feel sexually inexperienced compared to friends and what the media portrays, and they haven’t travelled as much as they should have or had adventures.

At the same time if you’re looking so incredibly hot it will have other guys lusting after you and this then triggers another male trait – jealousy and insecurity.

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