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The technical term in real life is "double illusion of transparency".

Mistaken Confession is a possible outcome if the conversation is an interrogation. If one side is doing it deliberately, it may be Non-Answer.

Scroll down for more Jim Morrison first arrived in Paris in March 1971.

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Scroll down for moe"He pushed Jim's head back, lifted his eyelids, opened his mouth, and fixed his ear to his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

He looked for marks and bruises on the body and the arms."It was a quick and professional examination.

But now, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, a former close friend of the singer says he knows the truth.

According to Sam Bernett, Morrison died of a massive heroin overdose in the toilet of a nightclub he was managing, the Rock 'n' Roll Circus on the French capital's fabled Left Bank.

Anyway, I'm calling to interview you about your latest project. My soul - crushed." Michael: "How do you think I feel? You know, it's amoral, that's what it is." Michael: "You're telling me." Brian: "How could they do this?

Interviewer: Brian: "How could you eat after what happened last night? Steam's still coming out of my ears." Brian: "My heart's broken.

but they're discussing two totally different things.

Mary: Well, Ted, I've been going on dates since I was fifteen. Well, look, let's just..a few drinks...we'll relax...

"He didn't look in great form, and immediately went to his usual spot at the bar and ordered a bottle of vodka.

He was also drinking beers."I was used to talking about everything with him - from Janice Joplin to the beatniks - but that night it was just a bit of small talk. He was always collecting drugs for her and the club was full of dealers."Scroll down for more According to Bernett, Morrison bought the heroin from two men working for Jean de Breteuil, a French playboy and drug dealer."The dealers who Jim was talking to were well known," said Bernett. I knew what they were up to, and kept an eye out for Jim. "Then, about half an hour later, a cloakroom attendant came up to me and told me someone was locked in one of the cubicles and wasn't coming out.

The medic, who Bernett refuses to name, "recognised Morrison but kept his cool.

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