Who is christine bleakley dating

After four years of engagement, Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard are finally ready to say "I do".

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Who is christine bleakley dating

The star-studded guest list is set to include Frank's former England teammates John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney as well as his former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

Meanwhile Christine is thought to have invited Susanna Reid and her former that it will be an "intimate affair" and they want to keep their big day as private as possible.

After singing her praises, the actor hilariously realized he had in fact worked with the British actress before — and very recently.“She’s incredible.

I’d never worked with her before, we sort of knew each other slightly,” Tucci, 56, said before quickly backtracking.

He joined Chelsea Football Club in 2001 and played there for 13 long years, becoming the all-time leading goal scorer for the club.

He then joined Manchester City in 2014 and now plays as a midfielder for the New York City FC.

Back in 2015, before Christine and Frank were married, she shared that she would love to have more children with Frank after they get married, and the girls are more excited, and they want it to happen sooner rather than later.

“They wanted a puppy for long enough, and now they want a baby.” Christine is a television broadcaster who worked for BBC and is currently with ITV.

The tables, the food, and the people, everything, was perfect.

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